Top Birthday Gifts To Give On A Budget

Giving doesn’t have to be expensive in fact when you’re gifting on a budget now is the time to dig into your creative side and gift a gift that is truly personalized for the recipient. Gift based on habits and interest without breaking your wallet. Below I put together a very budget friendly gift guide that is of course dope!

The “Top Birthday Gifts To Give On A Budget” gift guide includes…

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Scented Candles Gift Set

This dope set of  candles have four sensual and calming fragrances that includes: rose, lavender, lemon, and Mediterranean fig notes.  The long lasting wonderful aromas of these candles are perfect to set a calming mood in any room. An affordable smell good dope gift for sure!

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Eco Lips Mongo Kiss Mongongo Oil Lip Balm

With all of the carcinogen and parabens  plaguing our everyday products it’s refreshing to see more and more companies offering organic options. These 100% organic cocoa and beeswax lip balms are a practical gift if you’e on a budget. Gift your dope friend the gift of ultra moisturized lips. 

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The Body Shop Strawberry Beauty Bag Gift Set

The Body Shop has really come in clutch with is super affordable gift sets. Treat your dope friend with this set (which comes in several fragrances) that includes scented body butter, shower gel, and hand cream. All zipped up in a dope reusable beauty bag. 

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Bath and Body Gift Basket

What I love most about gift baskets is it’s really hard to go wrong with them. Most of the hard work is already done and there’s left to do is picking the one your recipient would enjoy the most. This 9 piece gift set is one of my favorite budget gifts because not only does it smells great it’s unisex. This gift knows no age or gender. Now that’s what I call a very dope gift indeed. 

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Diversion Safe Hair Brush by Stash-it

Diversion gifts are among my favorite because unfortunately we live in a world filled with sticky fingers. This low cost but practical brush is something your recipient can use in their home, office, school, or most importantly while traveling. And yes, it’s actually a functioning brush too. 

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SHERLIX Water Bottle Pouch for Phone, Keys, Earbuds

Keeping up with your items in the gym is nerve wrecking. Sometimes lockers aren’t always feasible but that’s okay because Sherlix provides the dopest solution with its water bottle pouch for keys, cellphones, credit cards, and more. This flexible pouch fits most wide mouth water bottles. Help your gift recipient keep their valuable together with this dope affordable gift. 

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Bedside Caddy

Ever plopped comfortably into your bed only to realized you forgot something. Well don’t fret, this Bedside Caddy helps keeps everything you need in arms reach. With many colors to choose from, your gift recipient will enjoy their “lazy Saturday” with this dope gift.  

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Vegetable Spiralizer

Has your friend adopted a healthier eating lifestyle then this carb cutting gift is the gift for them. A tool that spiralize vegetables to replace those starchy pastas is an affordable gift that’s sure not to disappoint. 

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Alpha Grillers Garlic Press

Surprisingly whenever I mention a garlic press many people say they either never heard of it or don’t own one and for that reason this is one of my go to affordable gifts for someone who enjoys cooking. Slicing garlic is time consuming. What normally takes minutes now takes seconds. A dope and affordable gift indeed. 

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Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box

Spice up your gift recipients tea collection with a variety of teas to choose from. Buying a box of the same flavor gets boring real quick. This variety box can be extended beyond it’s 48 flavors simply by combining. A very affordable and dope gift for someone who enjoys tea. 

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Coffee Variety Sampler Pack

Crazy Cups has done it again with it’s 40 variety sampler pack. Trying a new coffee flavor and not enjoying can quickly drain a wallet but not anymore with this affordable sampler. Your gift recipient would be like a kid in a candy store struggling to decide which flavor to try next. I wouldn’t mind if someone gifted me this budget friendly gift…wink wink. 

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