Thoughtful Gifts That Will Make Him Blush

Making a guy blush is one of the most adorable things in the world. Of course there are plenty of “macho” gifts out there but we must not forget that men have emotional side as well. These gifts will tap into his softer side and will surely make him blush. Don’t worry about if the gift seems too girly. Focus more on how you present it and the message behind the gift. I can’t wait to hear the stories of how you all made your favorite guy blush with these gifts.

The “Thought Gifts That Will Make Him Blush” gift guide includes…

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Song Lyrics Wall Decor with Your Photo

Surprise him with a photo of you two with the lyrics you all song. This dope gift is so sweet and romantic. It will surely get him blushing. Especially if he’s not expecting anything. 

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Wallet Card Love Note

Every time he goes into his wallet there’s a note from you reminding him of what he means to you. You can customized this note say whatever you wish. Put a lot of thought into because this is something he’ll likely cling to forever. A dope and sentimental gift.

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One Awesome Husband Mug

Let him know how awesome he is with a coffee mug that he can soft brag. This dope mug will surely make him blush while reminding every day how great of a husband he is.   

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Personalized Engraved Wooden Watch

Unofficially I call this the “secret love letter” watch. Why? Well it’s engraved on the back of the watch where only he will be able to see it. Since it so private I suggest you get really creative with your “for your eyes” only message to him. The dopeness of your message is what makes this watch so dope!

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Gift Explosion Box

Oh the explosion gift box!!! My my my I just overly love this gift because for a guy. Simply because it’s a DIY gift that thinks out of the box (pun intended). Yes the lights are included AND you can add additional gifts inside of the box such as cologne or a nice watch. So many ways to get creative with this dope gift. 

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Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Let him know how loyal you are him with this casting kit. Though you technically can’t surprise him with this because you will need his participation, still doesn’t mean this gift wouldn’t make him blush. Casting your hands together and displaying it to remind him how loyal you are to one another is something to definitely get his heart fluttering. A dope gift indeed. 

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Knock Knock Vouchers for Lovers

If he’s not a big fan of physical gifts then this vouchers books is something that can definitely spice things up a bit. This gift is dope because it’s perfect for guys who have everything as well. The book is full of fun vouchers that he can’t wait to use. 

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Appreciation in a Box – Thank You Kit

No matter how awesome we think our guys are sometimes guys can still feel unappreciated. The Thank You, You Rock box is a perfect box to remind him in the form of written letters how appreciated he is. Fill each card with every reason you can think that states why and how he’s appreciated. A dope gift that will make his heart smile. 

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