The Lit Gift List For College Guys

Yay! Against all odd he’s made it to college. Woohoo! I put together a list of gifts that’ll help him enjoy his college experience to the fullest. Below you find gifts that are practical, unique, and of course dope. Let’s cozy on into this lit gift list for your college guy. 

The “The Lit Gift List For College Guys” guide includes…

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Sweet Choice (50 Count) Ultimate Sampler

The ultimate snack pack for guys. A variety of sweet and salty treats are included in this snack pack. Help your college satisfy his munchies with this tasty dope gift!

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Nostalgia 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

This gift is especially dope if your college student lives in a dorm without a stove. Now your college student can whip up a nice hot breakfast with this dope breakfast station. 

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Officially Licensed NFL Plush Throw Blanket

I myself am a huge lover of plush blankets…nothing quite keeps your warm like them. If your college guy is a sports fan then a nice plush blanket that represents his favorite team is in order. One of the most practical gifts you can give him. 

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JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This wireless bluetooth waterproof speaker is something a college guy could use to turn up on the weekend or get his study on during the week. JBL makes some of the finest speakers so you’re sure not to disappoint with this dope gift. 

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Trash Can Basketball Hoop

Spruce up his trash can with Document Dunk. His roommates would even partake in the fun. Something a college guy would definitely use and most importantly enjoy. Dope gift for sure. 

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Ikonfitness Pull Up Bar

Gym membership are usually a luxury to college students but that doesn’t mean your college student can’t still remain healthy. With this door way pull-up bar your college guy can stay fit without leaving his dorm room. A dope gift for a college guy who is into fitness. 

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Spalding Indoor-Outdoor Basketball

An official NBA all surface ball that comes inflated and game ready is a dope gift that your college guy can use right away. Guys who are into to basketball take their ball very serious and could always use a new one. Get your college guy this dope basketball. As a bonus, playing basketball will help him get out and socialize more. 

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Bedside Caddy

We’ve all been there – got out of the bed to grab something only to remember we forgot something else as soon as we’re back comfy in the bed. This bedside caddy helps your college guy keep his most important essential next time him. A practical and not to mention dope gift that comes in many colors. 

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STREET WALK Magnetic Dart Board

Yeah this is non academic but sometimes your college guy will need a day just to kickback and get his mind off of constant studying. This magnetic dart board is a great way to help him build rapport with other guys around the campus. 

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Applebee’s – AMC Dinner & A Movie

College students are known to be tight on cash but for guys that’s usually not an ideal situation especially if there’s a girl on campus he would like to take on date. A dinner and a movie gift card is a dope gift to help your college student score a date. 

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Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Your college student will get in his zone with these Solo 3 Beat headphones. These high performance headphones last up to 40 hours which is plenty of time for him if he ever has to pull of an all-nighter. These headphones are also dope for blocking out loud roommates. 

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Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

Virtual Reality gaming headsets are all the rage right now and if you’ve never tried one you’re definitely missing out. Your college guy would appreciate this dope gift and so will his friends. Loads of funds. Dope Gift Ideas approved!

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