Gifts For Your Dramatic Friend

Getting a gift for a dramatic friend doesn’t have to be dreadful especially if you add a lil comedy to it. I know our dramatic love ones may be difficult and overbearing at times but that still doesn’t mean we can’t learn to laugh at and embrace the drama that makes them unique. Below I put together a list of humorous gifts to gift even your most dramatic of friends: 

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Music For Your Dramatic Friend

The Dramatics Ultimate Collection

When dramatic meets petty is how I would describe this gift.  The Dramatics were a quintet popular throughout the 60s and 70s that were known for their deep vocal tones and of some “dramatic” hits. Although petty your friend would probably fall out laughing after unwrapping this gift. 

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Jazmine Sullivan Fearless Album Featuring Hit Single Bust Your Windows

Don’t get me wrong, Jazmine is my girl but we must admit this song is a bit dramatic and befitting for another dramatic person. This entire Fearless album is banging but I also suggest this as a gift because it’ll take a dramatic person to relate to “Bust Your Windows”. 

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Wearables For Your Dramatic Friend

Dramatic Unicorn Sweater

Sometime a dramatic friends can get a bit overwhelming but hey that’s their personality so instead of stressing yourself out find the humor in it and gift them this sweater. 

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Crying Meme Shirt

This shirt is unisex but I would gift this to dramatic guys (yep, they can be dramatic too). This class meme never gets old. 😂😂

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Emoji Crying Shirt

Overly hysterical and always crying…here this shirt is for you (or the person you know who fits that description). Like I stated before no point of going against the dramatic person when there is so much humor to enjoy instead. 

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Comedy/Tragedy Pendant

Know a dramatic person who switches moods like a light switch? Welp, here you go. A comedy/tragedy pendant just for them. A lil light drip that matches their personality. This pairs well with a nice gold rope chain

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Props Your Dramatic Friend Deserves

Oscar Style Trophy

And the Oscar goes to….your dramatic friend! Listen at this point I’ve have beaten it in the ground…your friend is dramatic, extra, and all of the above don’t fight it just laugh. Embracing the humor side of things makes them so much more easier to deal with. Get a good chuckle by giving your dramatic friend a custom replica Oscar. 

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Walk Of Fame Star

Great actors/actresses deserves great awards. The Walk of Fame Hollywood star is a great way to remind your friend that they are the most dramatic person you know but you still adore them anyway. 

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Hollywood Photo Booth Props For Party

Why not just throw a dope party for your dramatic friend. Here’s  a full setup to embrace the drama in a humorous way. I think this would be the dopest party theme for a person that is a known dramatic. 

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Drama Queen Stop Sign

Slap this right on the Drama Queen’s door. She’s extra anyway so she’ll more than likely love it. Let her have her fits in the safe place of her humble chambers. 

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Director Movie Clapboard

This is more of a gift for yourself than it is for the dramatic person in your life. This will help you get through one of their episodes (pun intended). 

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Stress Reliever Gifts For The Dramatic

Chill Pills Stress Reliever

All jokes asides sometimes drama is a symptom of stress and if laughter isn’t working try getting your dramatic one of these chill pills stress pillows. 

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Chill Sack

After long day a drama, stress, and the whatevers. Bless your dramatic friend with a large cozy bean bag chair to relax on. Trust me they need. Being dramatic is exhausting. 

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Reversible Sequin Pillow

Here’s a cozy yet stylish pillow to help your dramatic friend relax during one of their rants because a nice nap is usually needed afterwards. 

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Stress Reliever Sensory Toys

Fidget Sensory Toys are great for anyone…not just the dramatic friend. So if your’re reading this grab one for yourself. You can probably use something to help your own mind as well. 

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Books For The Dramatic Person

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

I’ve being joking quite a bit on this list about the humor in dramatic people (I have more than a few in my life😔)however sometimes we have to remind our friends that it’s not always good to Cry Wolf because their will come a day when you really need help and no one believes you. Grab this as a humble reminder. 

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Since our dramatic friends love to put on a show what’s better than a book of monologues…apparently they’re good at acting anyway. Grab this book and have fun with your dramatic friend as they act through the monologues. Rehearsing monologues is a great way to turn an overly bearing dramatic situation into something fun. 

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