These Dope Gifts Will Put A Smile On Your Favorite Cousin’s Face

So exactly what kind of gifts are you supposed to give your beloved cousins? We’re talking about the cousins that are so dope that the party wouldn’t be fun without them. Or family functions doesn’t turn up until he or she arrives. Yep, those cousins – the family favorites. I love my cousins to the moon and back so I took the time to craft a really dope gift list for all of our dope cousins. This gift list is appropriate for both male and female cousins.

The “Dope Gifts For Your Cousins” gift list is as follows… 

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Dope Gifts For Cousins (Female)

Not A Day Over Fabulous Wine Tumbler

Hey cousin! I got a little gift for you! For the cousin who needs (or already has) a little turn up in her life. A well insulated stainless steel container ensures that your cousin drink stays perfect so she can get the party started on a moments notice. Coming in various colors make sure you pick the right color for your oh so dope cousin. A gift she will will approve of.

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Makeup Travel Bag

Sometimes others are able to capture what we really want to say and when that happens why not put that on a bag–a bag that you’re likely to take with you every time you leave your house. This makeup travel bag is something your cousin could definitely find a useful gift. Let’s not forget that this gift also gives those around a cute reminder that she’s not the one (or the cousin) to be played with.

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Stash-it Diversion Hair Brush

Look sometimes it’s better not to ask any questions but if you have a hunch that your cousin(s) lives her life on the wild side then this Stash-it brush is something that’ll come in handy. This brush is not only dope but it’s so practical even when traveling because it works and functions just like a real brush. Your cousin will appreciate you for this gift.

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Cousins By Blood, Sister By Heart Mug

Take your cousin back in time with this gift. “Cousins by blood, Sisters by heart, Friends by choice” will force your cousin to really reflect on how deep the bond that you two share. Not just a dope gift but a reminder to your cousin at how much you love and adore her. I can bet that she will cherish this especially because the saying on the cup really captures a bond in words. Cousins are often the siblings we never had. You can never go wrong with a touching yet affordable gift. Cousin approved.

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Crazy Cousin Crew T-Shirt

A funny t-shirt to remind your cousin just how dope she is. The Crazy Cousin Crew t-shirt isn’t a shirt your cousin should be left wear alone. Make sure you gift yourself and other crazy cousins one as well. These shirt together will make a funny statement at family functions.

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Twister Ultimate

Our favorite cousin is usually the fun cousin. Give her a gift that truly reflects her personality: Twister. You know she’s the life of the party. A fun gift that your dope cousin will appreciate. This a gift that other cousins can join in on as well.

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Dope Gifts For Cousins (Male)

Well Deserved Metallic Flask

Now this gift is exclusively for that one dope cousin who is willing to turn up anywhere. This copper flask is carefully packaged with luxurious satin and comes in many colors including gold, rose gold, and silver. This 8oz flask will make sure he can get party at any given moment. A gift that is appropriate for both male and female cousins.

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Look he’s going to need something to fill his shiny new flask with. Hennessy is party starter for any lit cousin, in fact a party isn’t a party until the Hen has arrived. He’s going to grin to ear to ear when he sees his favorite cousin got him a bottle Hennessy as a gift.

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Men’s Speed Stick Diversion Can Safe

Like I said before, we never know what type of lives our cousins are living but as favorite cousin we have to make sure he never gets caught slippin’ out here. It looks like deodorant but actually a diversion unit to help keep his valuables safe. Gift your cousin with a gift of staying on point.

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Henny Slides

The Henny slides remind me of my favorite party cousin who has a laidback side to him. These casual sandals are a perfect reflection of his personality…oh and his love for Henny as well. A gift that he would use. Everyone can use some slides.

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Best Cousin Ever Hoodie

As if he doesn’t already know sometimes we just have to let the family and the rest of the world know where this favorite cousin stand in our life. Gift him this sweater as a reminder that he’s the Best Cousin Ever, and you’re ashamed to say it.

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24k Gold Playing Cards

The 24k Playing Cards are quite smooth and eye catching. If your favorite male cousin loves to play cards then this is a lil deck that he can wow his homies with. No the cards aren’t real 24k gold but they are waterproof. A gift with flair is what I all these.

Magic Makers 120 Card Tricks

Why not hook cousin up with a 120 Magic Trick DVD set to go with his new 24k Gold Cards? Playing card tricks on people never gets old. Hey you may just start your cousin on a new side hustle with this gift.

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