Gift Ideas For Your Dope Woke Friend

Searching gifts for your woke friend is so exciting because the options are limitless and affordable. I suggest stocking your dope woke friend up with something that they already have or a gift that express the fullness of their dopeness.

The Dope “Gifts For Your Dope Woke Friend” gift list includes: 

  1. Cantu Natural Hair Products Gift Set
  2. Elegant Head Wrap 
  3. Juvia’s Place Masquerade Makeup Palette 
  4. Fragrance Diffuset Set
  5. Motivational Water Bottle

If you still don’t know “what to get my woke friend” for her birthday, anniversary, promotion, accomplishment then I’m going to just have to say you’re being picky but I still love you. 😂

Black Woman Afro T-Shirt

A stylish black woman on a shirt? Yep, I’m here for it and I’m sure your dope woke friend would be too. What I love most about this shirt is the artistic design of the woman’s fro draping over the shirt’s shoulder. The designer of this shirt has even more dope designs to choose from. Check em’ below!

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Elegant Head Wrap (colors come in many varieties)

Now I love me a good head wrap, especially on those in between hairstyle days. This head wrap is dope because it’s stretchy and most importantly light weight. I nice chic gift for your dope woke friend because a girl can never have too many scarves. 

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Juvia’s Place Masquerade Makeup Palette

At this point I think it’s safe to call Juvia’s Place a cult classic. This brand has been slaying faces for a few years now and is showing no signs of slowing down. Juvia’s Palettes are essential and are a practical must for makeup lovers.  As long as your homegirl is into makeup then she would appreciate this gift. My “gift for woke friend” rating on this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. 

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Journal with 125 Pages Perfect for Any Black Girl Diva

Many  therapist and psychologist agree that keeping a journal is therapeutic – acting as both your friend and therapist. It seems in life we’re either on a mountain top or in a valley. Keeping note of our journey can help us remain humble during good times and encourages us during bad. Gift your sister with this dope journal…it may be the friend she needs.   

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African Inspired Shower Curtain

An African inspired shower curtain is just one of many dope ways your friend can express their love for the Motherland. These curtains come in many styles so be sure to choose one that really reflects the personality of your dope friend. 

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Black Woman Magic Girls Queen Fleece Blanket

This dope fleece blanket puts me in the of those storytelling quilts our ancestors sewn together. This gift idea is special because it captures so many thing in our history all on a blanket. Your dope friend would appreciate any gift that praises our history.   

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African Woman Duvet Cover and Bedding Set

A gift for a woke friend who lives and now literally sleeps her “wokeness”. This bedding set is colorful, bright, and has many options to choose from. You can’t go wrong with this gift because we all could use a dope bedding set. 

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African Tribal Woman Fabric Tapestry Decor Wall Art

An African inspired tapestry definitely qualify as a dope gift idea. Displaying women from the motherland this tapestry will command any room, an effect that your woke friend would surely smile about. 

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4 Piece Abstract Poster Printed Golden Egyptian Queen Beauty

I can’t stop staring at this photo. I mean who can. And because of that this 4 piece canvas would make a great gift simply because it’s so captivating. Enhance this gift to your dope woke friend with gold accent pillows. 

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Okoart Canvas Black Couple Wall Art

Guilty. So far I’ve been primarily focus on dope gifts for your woke “woman” friend while completely abandoning the guys. This portrait is the perfect dope gift for couples, a woman, or a guy. A simple dope gift that a wide range of woke friends could relate to. 

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The Black Panthers: Portraits from an Unfinished Revolution

A book that captures the history of the infamous Black Panthers from their unique perspectives. This is a great gift for your woke friend because chances are they are already familiar with the Black Panthers but haven’t heard all of the story from it’s past members. This book not only captures the history of the individuals in the movement but the movement itself. A dope gift that your woke friend should definitely have in their collection.

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Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give A (bleep)

If your woke friend is vegan then this cookbook is definitely the gift for them. Filled with endless soulful and flavor filled vegan dishes your friend would thank you a million times for this. Head up, there’s quite a bit of cursing in this so if your friend is sensitive to that opt for another gift. Otherwise this dope gift is a winner!

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The BreakBeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip-Hop

BreakBeat Poets consists of 78 poets who were born in All-City and Coast-to-Coast between 1961 and 1999 and created the next American-inspired movement.

BreakBeat Poets is for people who love hip-hop, for culture fans, for people who have never read poetry, for people who think poetry is just something consisting of dead white people lost in the jungle have left, and for poetic thoughts. Dope gift for your woke friend. 

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Kenya AA Peaberry Coffee Beans

Help your dope woke friend start their morning off right with coffee beans directly from Kenya. They’ll appreciate these coffee beans not only because they are from the motherland but because they pack so much flavor as well. A nice affordable gift. 

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African Pattern Decorative Throw Pillow Case

Throw pillows have their own way of bringing life to even the most boring couch. These ethnic pillows pairs well many couches or even beds. Your dope woke friend would definitely appreciate. 

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NOVICA Hand Carved Brown Wood Ghanaian Wall Mask

An authentic Novica hand crafted mask artisan mask is sure to make a bold statement with your dope woke friend. Certified with an official card of authenticity is what makes this work of art even more special. A gift definitely for the woke one. 

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Wellwits Women’s Dashiki African Print High Low Asymmetric Vintage Dress

This asymmetrical is about as fly as they come! I’m in love with this dress and any stylish woke friend would appreciate this dress as well. It has so much style while still showing a lil flavor to the motherland. I love it. It’s dope.  

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Men’s African Dashiki Print Shirt

I love to see men where this dashiki print button down shirt. This shirt is so versatile because it can be worn in many different settings. This shirt will help your dope woke friend’s style and appreciation for the motherland. 

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Africa Map Pendant Necklace

Be warned, you will get compliments everywhere you go if you decide to rock this African earring and pendant set. It’s beautiful and the gold lasts a long time. I’ve owned this set for a few years now and it has not faded. Dope Gift Ideas approved.  

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Mens African Necklace

A fashionable fabric necklace for men or women with traditional African print is a nice way to bring plain outfit to life. The colors are so bold and the design of the necklace is so unique that this dope gift is powerful enough stand out on its own. 

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Kente Choker

This fabric choker is another favorite of mines from Cloth and Cord. This handmade necklace is the perfect dope gift because it’s so unique. Crafted with vegan leather this choker is sure to make a dope impression. 

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African Headband

Again from Cloth and Cord is this handmade fabric headband. Your dope woke friend will receive a  ton of compliments while wearing this piece. This well made necklace pairs well with natural hair. Your dope friend will be anxious to rock these headbands. 

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