Dope Gifts Every Christian Man Should Have

The great thing about gifts for Christian men is they’re appropriate for any occasion. Whether you are gifting your brother, husband, son, pastor, friend, co-worker, or neighbor we have the have you covered with our dope and practical gifts. These gifts are not only practical but some are even life changing.

The “Dope Gifts Every Christian Man Should Have” gift guide includes…

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Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men: God’s Design for Male Identity

Dr. Myles Munroe in my opinion has to be one of the most wisest men of our generation unfortunately he and his wife passed away in 2014. But not without living some of his greatest teaching written in many books. Understanding The Purpose and Power of Men is a book that every man MUST read. Trust me on this one. You will not regret this gift. 

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The Power of Character in Leadership: How Values, Morals, Ethics, and Principles Affect Leaders

If could create an entire list featuring Dr. Myles Munroe I would (as a matter of fact, I will). Dr. Munroe imparts some of his greatest wisdom in his books. The Power and Character in Leadership teaches us that we’re are leaders and that it’s not a role for a designated few. Help the man in your life discover his leadership role in the Kingdom with this book. Dope Gift Ideas approved. 

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Marvin Sapp “Close” Album

One of the most influential musicians of our times is none other than Pastor Marvin Sapp. In his Close album Marvin Sapp helps usher worshipers into the presence of GOD. A gift that a praying Christian man would for sure appreciate. 

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Faith And The Marketplace

Bill Winston has authored a life-transforming book on the supernatural business of the kingdom of GOD, and a kingdom leadership playbook that promises to catapult you to the next level of your career, profession, business, or ministry. You will learn how to build your faith in GOD and understand His perfect plan for your life. Your faith was never meant to be separated from your work or business life. Bill Winston meticulously details throughout this book how the two work together. This a gift that every Christian man should have in his collection.

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Crushing: God Turns Pressure into Power

In one of his most personal books Bishop Jakes tells incredible stories from his own journey. Bishop Jakes reminds us that GOD  uses difficult and extraordinary experiences to prepare us for unexpected blessings. If you are faithful through suffering, you will be surprised by God’s joy, comforted by his peace and fulfilled for his purpose. This gift is appropriate for a Christian man who may be going through a storm in his life. 

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New Covenant Prayer Shawl

This prayer shawl is perfect for a Christian man who feels the urge to pray. It’s a wonderful gift to bless someone with. With scripture written in Hebrew inscribed on the shawl makes this gift even more special. The Christian man in your life will close off the world and really engulf himself in prayer with this gift.  

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Anointing Oil with Biblical Spices from Jerusale

Made in Israel with authentic ingredients, this Frankincense and Myrrh prayer oil is perfect to for a Christian man who believes in the power of anointing with oil. This gift pairs well with a prayer shawl.

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Prayer Journal For Men of God – A Spirit Filled Prayer Journal

Crafted with men of GOD in mind this prayer journal equips praying men scriptures, quotes, reading plans, and prayer prompts. A space for personal journaling is also included in this journal. He can record his encounters and celebrate his victories all in this journal. A must have gift for a praying man. 

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Proverbs Bible Cover for Men

Although we’re in the age of digital hard copies of the Bible are still important. With this Bible cover your Christian man can help keep his most important book safe for years o come. This Bible is not only durable but zippered to keep all of his belongings safe. A gift for Christian man for sure. 

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Christian Tie Clip for Men

A stainless steel silver cross tie bar is the perfect final touches your Christian man will need on his suit. Help him boldly proclaim his faith with this tie bar. Nice for Sunday morning or everyday. There are no restrictions when displaying your faith. 

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Daily Wisdom for Men 2020 Devotional Collection

Every year Daily Wisdom releases daily devotionals for men. For the year 2020 the theme is: Transformation. Every single day the Christian man in your life will have access to encouraging scripture that will motivate him on his transformation journey. With these reading, he’ll grow and become more and more like Christ. 

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Law of Confession: Revolutionize Your Life and Rewrite Your Future With the Power of Words

Dr. Bill Winston does it again with his wisdom filled teachings on laws. Just like there are natural laws, there are spiritual laws. Dr. Winston show us that GOD created the universe with his words and that us being created in his image must be careful with our words because our words have power. Definitely a gift a Christian man should have. 

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Jeremiah 29:11 Engraved Gift Pen with Presentation Box

Engraved with Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope,” this pen is a reminder the Christian man in your life is that nothing can stop him when he has the entire Kingdom of GOD behind him. 

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