Naturalista Gifts: Because We Love Her Hair Too!

Natural hair has exploded back on the scene with no signs of slowing down (and I’m so here for it). Not too long ago, here in America, it was shameful for Black girls and women to wear their hair in its natural state. But times have changed for the better. Babies, teens and women of all ages are now walking among us with beautiful bouncy natural curls.

Keeping natural curls beautiful is not only time consuming but pricey. Which is the very reason I felt motivated to put together this gift idea list for natural hair. Help your sister girl out by alleviating some of those natural hair cost with a dope natural hair gift. 

The “Naturalista Gifts: Because We Love Her Hair Too!” gift list is as follows: 

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Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Combination Pack

Are we still on a Shea Moisture boycott? If not, then the Coconut and Hibiscus Shea Moisture collection is the go to gift for Naturalistas. It’s a personal favorite of mines. The Curl Enhancing Smoothie in this collection works miracles on 4C hair. If all is forgiven with Shea Moisture then this is a great gift for natural hair. 

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Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade

A light smelling, non oily pomade that locks in moisture to even the driest of hair types. Where other products have come up short, Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey comes in to save the day with is frizz taming abilities. Keeping the best products on hand can get pricey. Your natural hair lover would love you for this dope gift. 

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Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel

Aunt Jackie’s “Don’t Shrink” is perfect for the wash and go. Unlike other gels, you do not have to worry about flakes and white residue. Don’t Shrink pulls out your curls to give them a more defined and bouncy look. Gift your natural hair friend with this dope product. 

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Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has many uses in the kitchen but works wonders on our hair and skin. This is one of my personal favorites and I’m now reaching more for coconut oil over my beloved shea butter. If your natural hair friend loves to make her on concoctions then this is a dope gift for her (or him). 

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Extra Large Shower Cap

A shower cap seems simple but it’s very essential, especially extra large ones. Large showers are not only practical for women with long hair but women with short hair as well because layering is sometimes necessary to protect hair from the shower’s steam. An affordable but dope gift nonetheless. 

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Deep Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap

Deep conditioning natural hair is pretty much law. There’s no way around it and this thermal cap pairs well with hot oil treatment. It doesn’t get to hot like it’s burning your head and the heat lasts about 20 minutes. Just enough for a good deep condition. Again another dope gift for someone who loves rocking their natural crown. 

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Organic Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil By Rooted

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a traditional favorite. It is said to prevent breakage, improve hair growth, increase circulation on the scalp AND thickens eyebrows. I’ve been using Jamaican Black Castor Oil for years, primarily when I want my hair nice and greasy. I love this stuff. Dope Gift Ideas approved. 

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Eco Professional Styling Gel Olive Oil

Me and thousands of other women say we are going to stop using ECO in favor of something more natural but it just keeps making it’s way back onto our shelves. At this point I have not found a solid replacement for ECO and pretty sure your natural hair friend hasn’t either. Get her some ECO gel because I’m pretty sure she’s running low. 

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Niagara Sleep Solution Satin Pillow Cases For Hair And Skin

Surprisingly, other than dry hair, friction is on of the leading causes of breakage. Help your natural hair friend protect her luxurious crowns by any means  necessary  with these satin pillow cases. She’ll be shocked and appreciative that you put this much thought into helping her protect her hair with this dope gift. 

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Headwrap by The Urban Turbanista

Although your Naturlista has a crown that many envy from time to time she may just need a day off. And that’s where this head wrap comes in. These lightweight head wraps helps a unlike others that are heavy and bulky. Perfect gift for in between hairstyles days. 

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Tifara Beauty 42-pack 7″ Flexible Curling Rods

Flexirods are a great way to spruce up natural hair. These rods allow for your Naturlista to try many different curl patterns without using damaging direct heat. Even if she already has flexi-rods it’ll be nice to add to her collection because these things tend to have legs. Dope gift for sure. 

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Hair and Facial Steamer

A dual threat wonder! The hair steam helps nutrients penetrate the hair which prevents split ends and breakage while the face steamer opens up pores to allow for easy extractions. And if that isn’t enough these steamers come with a aromatherapy option as well! Which technically makes this dope gift 3 in 1, not 2. 

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