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Shopping for musicians is always fun! Although super creative, musicians tend to be easy going when receiving gifts – therefore you don’t have to beat yourself up when gifting this person. Below is a gift ideas for musicians list that ranges from the most practical gift to gifts that challenges your musician to pick up a new instrument (and I’m sure they’ll be more than up for the challenge). 

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Belwares Electric Wine Bottle Dispenser

This personalized traveling passport wallet is not just any gift but a practical gift. It comes fully equipped RFID protection (pickpocketers no longer need to actually pickpocket you to steal your identity). Help your traveling friends not only protect their identities but look stylish while doing so. As I like to say a useful gift is definitely a DOPE Gift. 

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6 Bottle Bar Caddy Liquor Dispenser

You have had to experience it to really understand the lifesaving capabilities of this carry on luggage. I never seem to have enough hands while traveling through a busy airport for a flight that I’m usually about to miss. Luckily Wrangler has come through with this oh so practical luggage (hint hint dope gift alert). Let me tell you just how useful this carry on is. It comes with: a drink holder, usb port, and a phone holder. Now tell me what traveler is going to say “nope don’t need that luggage”. Your traveling friend will overly thank you for this dope gift. 

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These Cards Will Get You Drunk – Fun Adult Drinking Game

Room is always an issue with luggage even more now than  before considering that international airlines are now weighing and charging more for overweight carryons. Ugh. These very useful compression packing cubes by Cipway are the answer! Now your traveling friend (or you) can fit more into their checked luggage. These practical cubes are not only a dope gift but a must have gift that is needed. 

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That’s What She Said – The Party Game of Twisted Innuendos

Unfortunately we live in a world where people tend to take things that does not belong to them. Help keep your traveling friend valuables safe by gifting them with this diversion hair brush. The diversion hair brush not only doubles as a mini safe but it functions as a real brush as well. With this gift, your traveling friend would essential be receiving two gifts in one: a hair brush and a money stash. Dope! 

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Telestrations After Dark Adult Party Game

Keep your traveling friend connected around the world with this dope travel adapter. Carrying around several adapter is not only inconvenient but annoying especially when traveling light is the goal. Your traveler will appreciate your for this gift a million times over. While you’re at gift yourself with one too!

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Pike & Pine Handmade Large Stash Box

I mean if your traveling friend enjoys paying for $4 water bottles at the airport then ignore this gift otherwise keep reading. I can’t stress enough how practical this gift is. Traveling can be hassle and a bit more irritating when you have to decide to throw away your water bottle with security or wait hours for free water until you’re 10000 feet in the air when in flight service begins. Point is, traveling is not fun when you’re parched. Now your your traveling friend can fill up at airport water fountains for free and save a few bucks thanks to you and your very useful and yes dope gift. 

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Thug Love: The Ultimate Box Set Collection

Pay close attention, this isn’t just any backpack. It’s a 24 in 1 backpack that comes with a tactical pen and safety whistle to keep travelers safe. We live in a beautiful but sometimes scary world so this backpack helps navigate that. A practical gift for travelers even more of a useful gift for solo travelers. Overall dope gift that is a must especially with safety on the line. 

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Combination 3-in-1 Game/Dining Table

I’m not a huge fan of the neck pillows that wrap around your neck but I am however a fan of this travel pillow that goes around the shoulder (it seems much more practical to me but whatever). This gift keeps your traveler cozy during those long haul flights so they can arrived to their destination ready to hit the ground running. A dope gift for sure. 

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BARRINGTON 10 Player Poker Table

If you have never heard of Go Pro please do not be fooled by the size. This little camera packs a huge punch. The Go Pro captures moments that are just so underwhelming from a smartphone. If you ever run out of gifts to give your traveler (you won’t because you have me) then the Go Pro should be your go to. It’s useful because of it’s versatility but dope because well it can go under water. 

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500 Piece Crown Casino Clay Poker Chips

Things you need to pack run through your head up until board the plane. This packing list ensures your traveler has everything he/she needs for their nice journey. I practical gift that those who love to travel will appreciate. This gift is dope and essential. 

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Casino Game Night | 4-in-1 Gambling Game Set

Sometimes you have to be your own bartender and that’s okay. These on the go cocktails are a dope gift because now your traveling friend doesn’t have to wait until the flight attendant to bring them a much needed drink. A dope gift for those who like to travel with a little buzz. 

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Hangover Kit Bags

Sometimes you have to be your own bartender and that’s okay. These on the go cocktails are a dope gift because now your traveling friend doesn’t have to wait until the flight attendant to bring them a much needed drink. A dope gift for those who like to travel with a little buzz. 

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