Barber Gift Set: For Men Who Obsess Over Their Haircuts

Shopping for men can be easy or hard depending on your approach. Generally I like giving gifts according to their habits. So if he’s into waves or dead serious about his line up then make him a barber’s gift basket. You really can’t go wrong with this unique gift set. Here’s a step by step guide to get you started on everything he’ll need. 

The Ultimate Barber Gift Set list includes: 

  1. The Storage Case
  2. The Clippers (all are a must)
  3. The Moisturizers
  4. The Pomades 
  5. The Accessories 

These are all of the basics to get him started or to revamp his kit. I promise you he’ll be ecstatic because no one probably ever gifted him these haircut essentials. 

Build The Ultimate Barber Gift Set

Step 1: The Storage

1. The Carrying Case

In order to build your favorite barber (or the man in your life that barbers himself) the ultimate gift set you must first start with a base hence this adjustable walls carrying case. These foam padded walls can be adjusted to snuggly fit the products of the gift set. 

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2. Clipper Holder Tray

Next up we have the clipper holder/tray. Typically 2-3 clippers are needed for a sharp haircut so a tray to hold these clippers while cutting is essential. You wouldn’t want valuable items falling over the ground. 

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Step 2: The Clippers

3. Oster Fast Feed Clippers

To start off Step 2 we have the classic Oster Fast Feed Clippers. These are what some like to refer to as a “fading clippers”. The Fast Feeds are an absolute non negotiable must if you plan to gift someone with a clipper gift set. The popularity of the Oster Fast Feed speaks for themself and is the go to clipper of many barbers. 

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4. Andis T-Ouliners (the magic that gives him that sharp lineup)

The Andis T-Ouliners is an additional must in a barber gift set. These are not to be confused with the fading clippers. The Andis T-Outliners are for just what their name suggest: outlining. Outliners helps barbers achieve that razor sharp lineup. 

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#3. Wahl Professional Five Star (for fading and blending)

The Wahl Five Star are another set of fading clippers. If you buy the Oster Fast Feeds then you won’t NEED these but they are good to have if cordless fading clippers are important. (Oster to my knowledge does not have a cordless option at this moment).

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#4. Andis Slimline Pro (for touchups)

An exquisite haircut is not achieve in 15 minutes–that look of perfection takes at least an hour. Therefore if time is limited then this is where the Andis Slimline Pros step in. These are clippers that are used in between haircuts. 

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#10. Andis Shaver (budget shaver for bald, low cut, or beards)

The first shaver on the list is these Andis Shaver. These versatile shavers are used for balds, low cuts, or on beards. Because of their versatility they are a must in the barber’s gift bag.  

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#9. Braun Electric Shaver (premium shaver for bald, low cut, or beard)

The Braun Electric Shaver is another shaver that is used for bald, low cut, and beards. The only difference is it’s a better quality product. If your budget allows then opt for these over the Andis Shavers. 

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Moisturizer For Waves

#11. As I Am Moisturizer

Waves cannot be trained properly on dehydrated hair.  The DoubleBuuter Cream by As I Am is a moisturizer that not only smells good but lubricates each strand without that heavy feeling. This is my top choice for hair moisturization. 

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#12. Wave Builder Moisture Revitalizer

Wave Butter by Wave Builder is also a good moisturizer that is branded for wavers. Although it’s good, I still like the AS I AM DoubleButter Cream better. At the end of the day, both get the job done one just do it a smidgen better. 

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The Pomades For Waves

#5. Wave Builder Pomade

Next up in the gift bag is the pomades. The pomades are here to form and help lay down the waves. Pomade by Wave Builder is a solid choice. 

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#5. Sweet Jamila Wave Pomade

Sweet Jamila is my favorite of the pomades because it trains, shines, and lays down waves in a way that other pomades just don’t do. Sweet Jamila is definitely #1 one on my list. 

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#5. Cold Label Pomade

Cold Lavel Pomade is also another favorite of mind. If absolutely had to pick a pomade it would come #2 on my list. It’s a smell good pomade that provides shine. 

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#13. Murray’s Superior Pomade

If you’ve never seen this orange can glory then you had to just come from up under a rock. Murray’s has to be the grandfather of pomades. It’s thick and greasy but many still do love it. I’ll probably throw it in the bag because it’s cheap classic. 

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#14. 360 Style Wave Control

Now 360 Style Wave Control is another classic pomade but isn’t as greasy as Murray’s. 360 is a pomade that appears to go on thick but doesn’t feel heavy. I actually would put this pomade up there with Sweet Jamila. Just know you can’t go wrong with this choice. 

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Shampoo For Haircuts and Waves

Art Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

None of the above should be used without first a nice and clean head. Argan oil is such a nice refreshing lightweight oil that packs a lot of moisturizing power. The Argan brand is a great option however you don’t have to put too much thought into the shampoo. You can go with what you like on this one. 

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Accessories For Haircuts and Waves

#7. The Durag

If he doesn’t have a durag then he isn’t a waver–it’s as simple as that. Point. Blank. and a City Girl Periodttt. Durags come in multiple fabrics so I suggest getting a few satin and velvet durags since he’ll be more than likely stacking them anyway. 

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#7. Stocking Caps

Stocking caps are another essential in the wavers journey. The stocking cap usually goes on before the durag as the first line of protection. This organic stocking cap with shea butter and olive oil is a nice bonus to ensure his hair isn’t drying out. Make sure you throw a few of these in the bag because stocking caps tend to have legs. 🤣

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#6. Torino Pro Curve Wave Brush

This brush is one of wavers favorite. It has a nice pointed tip to help maneuver around the crown of the head and the brand make different bristles. I suggest getting him both a hard and soft bristle brush. 

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#7. Barber Combs

This one here may surprise you just a bit but yes wavers actually comb their hair in addition into brushing. These small teeth combs are a must. Don’t skip them. 

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Neck Brush

The neck brush isn’t absolutely necessary but a nice throw in for the barber gift set. It helps removes access hair from around the neck and nape. 

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#8. Mirror With Handle

For the at home barber nothing is getting cut without a mirror. The Deatti mirror has a nice sturdy handle that will come in handy when it’s time to maneuver to the back of the head. 

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Cleaning Tools For Haircuts and Waves

#8. Andis Blade Care Dip Jar

There’s no point in investing in clippers if you aren’t going to buy the essentials to keep them performing at their best. The Andis Blade Care Dip Jar is a fast and easy way to keep clipper blades clean and disinfected. 

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Andis 5-in-1 Coolant, Disinfectant, Lubricant, Cleaner and Rust Preventative

A 5-in-1 that pretty much does it all but most importantly it cools down hot blades in an instant. 

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Andis Clipper Oil

Although the Andis 5 in 1  Cool Care lubricates the blade I still don’t think it does a solid enough job to replace clipper oil. So yes, in addition to the multi-use Andis cleaning systems, clipper oil is necessary.  

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Clipper Cleaning Brushes

The final accessory I recommend that you throw in the bag these clipper cleaning brushes. These cleaning brushes are used to get around those nooks and crannies of clippers. 

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